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I`m Juliana and my passion is helping Brides-To-Be, just like you, to get in the best shape of their life so they can feel and look fantastic on their wedding day, honeymoon and happily ever after.

After spending 6 years teaching Fitness Classes and Coaching on Nutrition more than 2000 women in London, UK I`ve learnt that the biggest block most women have to reach their dream body is not so much that they don`t know what they should do, but not having a clear plan, a structure, a step by step system to apply the things they know they should be doing.

This is why I`ve created The Radiant Bride Formula for women like you. This is a premier nutrition coaching and support program that helps you get the body you`ve always wanted and keep it forever (just like the man of your dreams).

In the past 3 years, I`ve been testing my formula with dozens of clients and got them great results in as little as three months. I hope you will be next.

Here`s the thing. The information you need to lose weight is out there all over the internet and you already know lots of it. But even if you manage to collect all the right information which could take you months or even years, it will be like having the ingredients for an amazing dish, but without knowing how to prepare it, in what order and how you need to use the ingredients to get the results you so much crave.
And this is exactly what I offer: my proven recipe and method, The Radiant Bride Formula, which you can`t find anywhere else.
Last, but not least, the Radiant Bride logo is a Lotus flower symbol, which represents renewal and rebirth. This is exactly how I passionately envision the journey for every bride-to-be on my program: a journey of emerging from the murky waters at your most beautiful, goddess like state ready for a wonderful life with your man.
Welcome to your new reality where you get to invite the best version of yourself at your wedding!

More than anything else, I`m excited we`ve gotten to know each other.

As you`re preparing to start a new life with the man of your dreams, it`s the perfect opportunity for you to focus on yourself, your body and your perfect state of being.

I believe that every woman should feel at her most beautiful and confident on her wedding day. All she needs is the right plan and support to achieve that.

My mission is to show you the way you can bring out the Goddess in you. The Radiant Bride Formula provides you with proven steps, in a specific order that helps you make the best version of yourself a reality.

Do you know what it takes to become a Radiant Bride? Let`s find out.

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