Alexandra Iosup, London UK

When I moved to London to be with my partner three years ago I gained 20KG in three months because of stress with my work and poor lifestyle choices. I felt depressed, didn`t want to go out or see anyone and I was constantly trying diets and taking slimming pills and shakes.

As soon as I started working with Juliana in the Radiant Bride Weight Loss Program things began to change. She first encouraged and gave me the confidence I needed to give up slimming shakes and pills and taught me how to have a healthy and natural diet. Throughout the process I changed my habits and tastes for food and it was a lot easier that I thought it would be. We all want overnight miracles but I learnt to be patient and enjoy the healthy choices I was making on the program.

As a result, I`ve lost 53 pounds, (24Kg) in 1 year and I feel like myself. I love going out again and do the things I used to enjoy doing. I got my confidence back and more!

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