Claire Fairbairn, London UK

I`ve always had a bad relationship with food using it as an emotional crutch rather than seeing it as a fuel for my body. I was low and frustrated, stuck in binging patterns with fluctuating weight and never being able to stick to any kind of regime. I was really afraid that nothing can work for me and that I`ll never be able to change and I was willing to try anything.

Juliana has been amazing, she knew exactly how to deal with me seeing from the start that I was sad and low; she gently tried to get to know me and to suggest new ways of doing things, she never told me off when I got it wrong, even though I thought she might ditch me when I fell back into binging patterns in week three but she didn`t. She encouraged and supported me and allowed me to be kind to myself through a positive approach. Later in the program when I lost motivation she was tougher and that was exactly what I needed at that time.

Working with Juliana I`ve learnt a new mental approach to food, exercise, motivation and caring for myself. I`ve learnt how to self-motivate and encourage rather and beating myself up when I get it wrong. I`ve also learnt the value of looking after myself and how important that is. I`ve realised that turning to fatty foods doesn`t bring me comfort at all and Juliana has taught me how to find relief in other things.

The best changes on Juliana`s Radiant Bride Weight Loss Program were my mental approach to food and lifestyle but I`ve also lost 22 pounds (10Kgs) in 12 weeks leading up to my wedding which was brilliant.

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