Debby Wilson, London UK

When I joined Juliana`s program I wasn`t so much focused on weight loss, although it`s always nice to lose a few ponds, but rather on my health and how to actually stop eating rubbish foods. The major fear I had before joining the program was that I had to give up completely to the little treats I loved so much like coffee but that wasn`t the case.

I loved working with Juliana because she is a truth teller, very straight forward and without any nonsense but kind at the same time in her method. The most surprising thing I`ve learnt on the program was finding out about new, healthier ways to provide nutrients for my body. For example, I didn`t know that there are many ways of getting protein from plant sources and not just from meat. This one thing had a huge impact on my health.

As a result of being on Juliana`s program I eat much better and healthier now, and I`ve dramatically increased my energy levels which is great considering how sluggish I felt at the beginning of the program. Thank you!

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