Kathrina Maldita, London, UK

I joined Juliana`s Weight Loss Program because for the past three years I felt I was putting on more and more weight and this really upset me.

My worry about joining the Weight Loss Program was about how will I find time for this challenge because I`m working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.  Although in the first month I really struggled and lost very little weight (only over 1Kg) because my body needed to adapt to the changes, with Juliana`s support I didn`t give up. Luckily, even my boss was very supportive and she allowed me to prepare the food I needed to eat at work.

One of the biggest benefits for me was that I actually stopped craving alcohol which I used to enjoy every weekend. In the past 12 weeks I`ve lost 15pounds (7Kg), which is 10% of my body weight, and I`m so happy I can wear all my size 27 jeans again. This program helped me a lot: gave me thought control and I`ve learnt how to plan and eat a healthy diet. Thank you Juliana!

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