Lou Lou Banquete, London UK

Before joining Juliana`s Weight Loss Program I was feeling really bad about myself, I felt desperate, overweight and sick, even a little depressed.

Although I was worried at the beginning that I would not be able to follow the program, the process was the best one I`ve ever tried because Juliana showed me step by step what I needed to do to reach my goal and she`s been very supportive.

The best thing I`ve got out of the program was learning what are actually healthy foods, the importance of exercising and how to apply all this new information to my lifestyle.

My results after completing Juliana`s program are simply amazing. First of all, I feel and have lots more energy for my walks and exercises. I`m also happy that I`ve dropped all my extra weight going from size 14 to size 8. Much better than expected I could do. And, best of all, in the space of three months my doctor allowed me to first reduce the insulin and other medication I was taking for my type two diabetes and high cholesterol and by the end of the program I was allowed to completely stop taking any medication. Thank you so much, Juliana! You’ve changed my life.

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