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Congratulations on completing The Radiant Bride Quiz! Your score was out of 62 maximum points.
This is actually a good result which shows that you are quite knowledgeable when it comes to information about nutrition and lifestyle. Based on your results, you are at the level where you need to structure a plan that works for you and make those little tweaks to change your body and mind and reach your ideal weight.

Right now, for you, it’s all about organising the information you already know into a plan so you can start moving in the direction you want and, most importantly, keep track of your progress.

Based on the Radiant Bride Formula you are in phase two of the process and there are specific and exact steps that you can be taking right now on the fastest path to becoming the best version of yourself.

Here`s what you must work on now based on your Quiz results:

  • organise the information you already know to achieve your ideal weight by keeping a detailed food diary and a weekly planner;
  • create a plan of action that fits you and your lifestyle specifically (if someone says to you that your breakfast must consist of eggs every morning in order to have energy and lose weight but you hate eggs guess what, that advice won`t work for you);
  • re-boot and cleanse your digestive system so it will process and absorb much more nutrients, gain more energy and clear your skin;
  • activities to focus on at this stage: organise the information you have in a plan of action, cleanse and detox, keep accountable to ensure you`re reaching your goal;

Because this is very unique to you, your body and lifestyle there are other recommendations I can give to you only via a coaching call. This way I will be able to help you most specifically to apply these recommendations to your life circumstances and create a plan of action together so that this isn`t just information but something you will apply and start seeing results. For almost 6 years I`ve helped hundreds of women in London, UK to achieve their ideal weight and fitness level and you could be next.
So , are you ready to start transforming your body and mind? Then book a FREE, no-obligation 30 minutes follow up consultation and experience how it is to finally get the support every bride-to-be needs.
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Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Juliana Palade
Nutritional Therapist at RadiantBride.co.uk

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