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Claire Fairbairn, London UK

Working with Juliana I`ve learnt a new mental approach to food, exercise, motivation and caring for myself. The best changes on Juliana`s Radiant Bride Weight Loss Program were my mental approach to food and lifestyle but I`ve also lost 22 pounds (10Kgs) in 12 weeks leading up to my wedding which was brilliant.

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Teresa Jamieson, London UK

Everything that Juliana teaches really works, I think not feeling restricted from anything, yet being responsible for my own results encouraged me to make good food choices. As a result, I`ve lost just under 20 pounds (9Kgs) in 12 weeks and I don`t remember weighing my present weight in over 15 years of battling with weight loss.

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Alexandra Iosup, London UK

We all want overnight miracles but I learnt to be patient and enjoy the healthy choices I was making on the program. As a result, I`ve lost 53 pounds, (24Kg) in 1 year and I feel like myself. I love going out again and do the things I used to enjoy doing. I got my confidence back and more!

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