Teresa Jamieson, London UK

I started to lose weight as soon as I joined Juliana`s Zumba classes but I didn`t quite reached my goal. I felt that I needed motivation and knowing Juliana as Zumba Instructor, I had no fears about joining her weight loss program. I did know and understood that I had to commit 100% to the program.

The process of working with Juliana was fantastic, I felt completely comfortable and supported by her the whole journey and she was always able to talk if I ever had a question or needed guidance.

She is very nice but also very honest. I felt that it was such sincerity coming from Juliana, she didn`t tell me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear, however this was always in such a safe and comfortable manner and I truly respect this immensely.

Everything that Juliana teaches really works, I think not feeling restricted from anything, yet being responsible for my own results encouraged me to make good food choices.

As a result, I`ve lost just under 20 pounds (9Kgs) in 12 weeks and I don`t remember weighing my present weight in over 15 years of battling with weight loss. I have just purchased my first ever size 10 T-shirt, everyone complements me on my weight loss which is nice, people want to know what I`ve done to achieve my weight loss I feel like a new person, I feel like I own a new body and I feel so confident and happy in control and at peace. Thank you Juliana!

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